Artist Statement

As a painter living in Columbia, MD for 25 years, my art reflects personal journeys and sensibilities.  I am interested in exploring art not only as painting for its sake, but also as a communication tool to listen to an inner feeling or sensation.  The social, historical and cultural context is important to today’s individual both in introspection, reflection and how the individual tries to access one’s motivation to make choices and responses.  As the artist, I have explored and considered my own reactions and choices and how I can relate the abstract thoughts to the body of work.

The influences to my work have been varied and considered. My work in the beginning of my painting journey was a derivative of past painting styles, content and philosophies.  The more recent work is a description from my lifestyle, personal experiences, philosophy, nature and culture.

Our culture’s inner voice is often silenced either in our everyday busyness; work environments or general malaise and is ready to be found. My inner voice directs me to make decisions and choices based on my evolvement as a person.  The painting is a way of awakening and provoking the thought, and a way to listen to my inner voice.  I hope to achieve a way to enlighten, connect and fulfill individuals seeing the artwork through the lens of my perceptions.